Betaine, while also present in other plants, animals, and seafood, is exceptionally high in sugar beets.  Through a process of filtration and diffusion, betaine can be extracted from sugar beets.  It is a well-known multifunctional nutrient that exerts a number of important physiological functions at the gastrointestinal and metabolic level.

Betaine is sold in bulk, delivered in tanker trucks (approximately 25 tons) or tanker railcars (approximately 90 tons).


Betaine has long been an important ingredient in pig and avian nutrition. Betaine liquid can be used as an animal feed supplement which increases the feed absorption efficiency in the animals' digestion system.  This helps to optimize nutrient digestibility and reduce their excretion.  Furthermore, the addition of betaine supplementation has resulted in improvement in bodyweight, breast meat yield, feed conversion, and decreased abdominal fat pad weights.  Betaine has also been shown to assist birds under heat stress conditions; the impact of severe heat stress can partially be overcome by adding betaine to the diet.

Please consult your nutritionist for uses specific to your animals.


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Chemical Components

Approximate Percentage

Betaine 32.0%
Sucrose 7.0%
Non-sucrose 23.0%
Water 40.0%

Random Fact:
The presence of betaine enables plants and animals alike to be more resistant to temperature (i.e. protect plants from frost), diseases, and environmental stresses.

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