Raffinate is the residual liquid left over as a result of the process to desugar beet molasses, and provides an excellent source of energy and protein for livestock such as cattle and sheep.  Raffinate is slightly lower in energy compared to molasses, but it is higher in protein and potassium and is thinner and easier to handle than molasses.

Raffinate is sold in bulk, delivered in heated tanker trucks (approximately 25 short tons), or heated tanker railcars (approximately 90 short tons).


Raffinate is used as an additive in liquid feeds for a variety of animals to provide additional nutrition.  It often serves as a suspension medium for other vitamins and minerals.  The residual sugar contained in raffinate, even after desugarization has occurred, can also improve the palatability of many liquid and block feed products.  Raffinate is a flowable alternative to molasses that is also environment friendly.  Like molasses, it is also used as an additive in salt licks, and as a de-icing ingredient.

Please consult your nutritionist for uses specific to your animals.


Raffinate can be stored in an un-insulated tank, with no additional heating required for pumping. Pump size should be a 2HP or larger with minimum tube size of 2 inches.


Variation may occur depending on source.

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Dry Basis

As Fed

Dry Matter 61.12%
Moisture 38.88%
Protein, Crude 13.05% 7.97%
Fiber, Crude 0.0% 0.0%
ADF - Acid Detergent Fiber 0.0% 0.0%
NEL - Net Energy Lactation 0.74 Mcal/lb 0.45 Mcal/lb
NEG - Net Energy Gain 0.48 Mcal/lb 0.29 Mcal/lb
NEM - Net Energy Maintenance 0.81 Mcal/lb 0.42 Mcal/lb
TDN - Total Digestible Nutrients 71.19% 43.52%
Fat 0.37% 0.13%
Ash 27.40% 16.71%
NEF - Nitrogen Free Extract 59.36% 36.30%
Calcium 0.02% 0.05%
Phosphorus 0.03% 0.02%
Potassium 10.50% 6.43%
PH 7.40 s.u.
Reducing Sugars 2.00%
TSI - Total Sugars as Invert 22.50%
Brix 74.90

Random Fact:
Raffinate can be used in tractor tires to add traction weight and reduce the possibility of tipping.  Unlike water, which freezes, or liquid salt, which corrodes, raffinate is non-toxic, non-corrosive, resists freezing, and is environmentally friendly.

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